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Justice Capital

Justice Capital is an investment fund, convening platform, and advisory that accelerates economic prosperity, expands resilient community-led infrastructure, and enhances public health and safety to grow thriving Black, Brown, and systems impacted communities.

Our investments create better budget outcomes, generate greater tax revenue, and optimize returns for investors and community while accelerating local economic growth.


Full Spectrum Capital Partners

Full Spectrum Capital Partners, collaborates to build ecosystems and marketplaces for innovation that lift up solutions and leaders emerging from communities that have been marginalized historically.  By building innovation clusters in communities and connecting them to communities of capital stewards with a commitment to social and ecological impact, we make it easy to come together and align growing financial value with our deepest shared values.

Why Our Model

There is no accelerator to support gold standard models led by Black, Brown, Indigenous and systems impacted communities to come to scale.  Our accelerators support best-in-class community-led infrastructure and public health and safety models to come to scale.  We center their unique needs, opportunities, and challenges to help enhance their existing models with additional partners as needed.


Our model prepares communities to ‘masterplan’ and own their own development at the scale needed to truly move the dial– keeping value creation within the community rather than allowing others to profit off of or displace them.

We enhancing our local partners but also arranging catalytic investment opportunities that expand resilient local infrastructure along with public health and safety.  This allows us to eliminate barriers to economic prosperity by opening up previously inaccessible investments in housing, infrastructure, locally owned enterprises and job growth.

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