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Healthy, Equitable, Resilient Communities Infrastructure Accelerator


Expands the capacity of community-led housing, energy, remediation, and infrastructure projects to build thriving Black, Brown, Indigenous and frontline communities to own and govern the Just Transition.

Community-led clean energy and infrastructure are the cornerstone of a Just Transition, which delivers benefits for communities most impacted by pollution, extraction, and the climate crisis, while also catalyzing strong economies with these communities at its core.  

But community-led initiatives lack access to capital and business development support to come to the scale needed for them to thrive.  As long overdue investment commitments are being made to Black, Brown, Indigenous, and frontline communities and climate infrastructure, an intentional continuum of staged business development support and more efficient, aggregated deployment of capital is required to ensure communities are prepared to absorb scaled investment and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

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